Features Spotlight: How ‘Bulk Payment Requests’ will help you recover 3 business days a month!

Getting clients and customers to pay is a problem most businesses encounter. Late payments lead to serious cash flow problems, the cause of  29% of small-business failures. Equally alarming is the fact that 72% of SMEs are spending up to 3 days every month chasing money they’re owed. That equates to 36 days a year!! Does this ring a bell?! 🔔🙈

Imagine how you could improve your business if you could get 36 days a year back! Today everything is becoming more and more efficient so it is crazy to be wasting your time chasing money you’ve already earned! That time should be spent on growing new business not running around in circles 💫🏃💫.

splink’s bulk payment request feature will help you to get paid faster by making it quicker and easier for you to request payment. It is super easy to use and it makes it is super easy for your customers to pay you.

Simple & Quick Payment Requests
The splink platform is simple to use and the payments request feature is one of our most effective features. It sends your customer a payment request link (via email/text) for a specific amount with a due date, and if they forget to pay we do the chasing for you with gentle automated reminders. ⏰💰

This feature has been so effective and popular with our clients that they asked us to make it bigger and better!! So we did – we ‘BULKED’ it up (really bad pun – I know 🙊)!!

splink’s bulk payment request feature allows you to create and send unlimited individualised payment request links. All you have to do is upload a simple spreadsheet (Excel, CSV etc.) and we will create the request links for you. That’s right, not only are we doing the chasing for you but now we’re creating the chasers for you too……saving you even more time!

Payment Notifications
As well as creating and chasing we will also keep an eye on your payments for you: we’ll let you know instantly, via email and/or text, when your customer has paid you (no more logging on to your online banking to check if a customer has paid). Your dashboard will show you who has and has not paid – not only that but they’ll also see how many times they viewed it…..that’s right they’ll know that you know😮……so no more creative excuses 💭…..we’ve got your back covered😇!!

Make Paying Convenient for Your Clients & Improve Your Cash Flow
By enabling clients to pay instantly through an online payment service, you make it more convenient for them to pay. This allows customers who are short on funds to pay using their credit cards. That way, you’re not stuck waiting until they have money in the bank.
This approach combined with a streamlined online payment process (i.e. no login or sign-ups, one step process) will increase the likelihood of getting paid.

splink is so quick and easy to make a payment with that most of our existing clients came to us because they had paid for something using splink (click here for a demo payment request). So if it’s good for you and your clients and it will get you paid faster you what are you waiting for……..start recovering those lost business days today 🙌

I have a splink account, show me how to do this NOW!

I don’t have a splink account but NOW I want one!!

The ‘bulk payments request’ feature comes with all of our splink packages including our Free account. So don’t delay, make your life easier, sign up for a free account here or if you want to look at our other pricing plans you can click here.

Garrett – splink