How It Works

splink is a free & simple way to take card payment on any device, in your office, or on the move. Pick & choose from our suite of flexible 'Add-Ons' to perfect your business 👌

Take Card Payment

A free and simple way to take card payment on any device, in your office or on the move.

Send Payment Requests

Send a payment request for money owed or for payment upfront. Your customer will receive a simple payment link via SMS & Email.

Recurring & Payment Plans

Create recurring or custom payment plans for your customers to spread their payment out over a number of weeks or months.


Accept all card payments and IBAN / SEPA payments at just 0.8%

Payment Notifications

Receive a SMS and / or an email each time you receive a payment from a customer.

Customer Reminders

If a customer forgets to pay, we’ll do the chasing for you and send out automatic gentle reminders.

Mobile Payment App

Use the app to tap or scan your customers card for ease of payment.

Custom Data Capture

Add custom fields to your splink to capture additional information from your customers.

Sub Splinks

Create different sub splinks to track payments for different areas of your business (e.g - sales or event)

Reverse Fees

Your customers can pay the card processing fees.


A simple shop to sell your products and services with ease.


Customise your splink with your own brand identity, look and feel.

Bulk Payment Requests

Save time, and import a list of debtors, to send out bulk payment requests.

Export Data

Export your data with ease so you can import your data into other systems.

Quickbooks Integration

Seamlessly integrate Quickbooks and splink to keep all your payment data in one place.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate Salesforce CRM and splink to allow your company to grow and scale faster.
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