Improve your donor experience to increase donations

Nearly every charity has a standard “donate here” button in the top right hand corner of their site. But what happens when your donor clicks that button? How much thought have you put into your D.E.M (Donor Experience Management)?

Donation pages are on average 25 fields long, some being as high as 35 fields. Mapping and managing your donors experience could be the difference between generating €25 once and generating €250 throughout the year. With splink you can customise the number of data fields making the donor experience much simpler and quicker. We also provide a one-step donation process which significantly reduced your donor abandonment rate!!

With a combination of our customisable splinks, a one-step process and our floating donate button we can significantly increase your donor numbers and your fundraising efforts.

Contact [email protected] to find out how you can significantly increase your fundraising by working with splink