simple payment link


'open' splink

You or your customers can use your 'open' splink on a mobile or desktop to drop a payment directly into your bank account in seconds. Your 'open' splink is open for you or your customer to use for open amounts... try me:

'fixed' splink

You can issue a 'fixed' splink to your customers and they'll automatically receive an SMS and an email with a simple link that enables them to drop the payment directly into your bank account in seconds. A 'fixed' splink is for a fixed amount for a fixed customer for a fixed date... try me:

Super Secure

Our payment partner (Stripe) is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

Accept Recurring Payments

Do you want to accept monthly recurring payments from your customers? You or your customers can set their payment to 'recurring', and we'll take care of the rest.


Stay organised. Manage and access all of your payments from your splink dashboard, from anywhere. See how many times your customer has viewed their 'fixed' splink, right from your splink dashboard.

Automatic Unpaid Reminders

If a customer forgets to pay you on time... we'll do the chasing for you and send out automatic gentle reminders.

Brand Your splink

Make it your own, and add your own company background and logo to your splink... like this:

Sub splinks

Create and brand multiple sub splinks for different campaigns and sales channels. Track and analyse your payments for each sub splink.

Custom Data Capture

Add custom fields to your splink to capture additional information that you require from your customers, and view the data in your dashboard.

Automatic PDF Invoices & Receipts

We'll take care of the admin work for you. When you issue a 'fixed' splink, we'll automatically attach a PDF invoice to the email. When a customer pays you, we'll automatically issue a PDF receipt to your customer too.

Accept Card Payments

Use your splink to accept card payments in your office, over the phone, on your website OR on your mobile when you are out and about and on the move.