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splink is a simple payment link that enables you or your customer to drop a payment directly into your bank account in seconds.

From the start (3 years ago), splink has had one single prime focus - 'make it easier for your customers to pay you'.

Like most businesses, splink was founded on the back of a problem that the founders originally faced... the simple ingredient that all businesses require - ‘getting paid’.

We dedicated our time working with accountants, small businesses, sole traders and customers to establish the reasons why businesses struggle to get paid. It became quite evident that customers faced too many barriers and distractions, which prohibit them from making payment.


- "bank and wire transfers require a lot of setting up"

- "i’ve often written a cheque but didn’t get the time to post it"

- "i’m usually out on the road and only spend one day a week in the office"

- "i hate organising to meet someone, just to collect payment"

- "some of my clients use electronic systems but they are confusing and require logging in or signing up"

From the start, we have engineered splink from the customer's side in. This meant analysing all of the barriers that customers faced, and developing a system that knocked down all of these barriers... while keeping the payment process simple, secure and super fast.

splink is now the easiest and fastest payment system in the world.

splink is not intended to replace your existing payments system (if you have one), it just provides an additional and a much easier way for your customers to pay you, which results in you getting paid much quicker and more often.

The splink team, based in Dublin (Haddington Road), London and New York have been working in the online payments industry for over 12 years. The team is made up of App & Web Engineers, Accountants and Business Analysts working together to continuously develop a system that makes it easier for your customers to pay you.

We’d love to hear from you, so GET IN TOUCH if you have any feedback or suggesstions. Thank you.

The splink Team